Guide to use BillBoard Photo Frames Effects

Let’s get started,

Click on the start button,

select the hoarding on which you want to attach your picture

Select the frame you wish to add in your frame to make it dynamic of the image


Final preview of the hoarding after your selection

Select the Gallery button,

and pick the image you want to add in your cool hoarding




Tap on the small image in the bottom of your frame to adjust the location of your image

Right click on the image to increase or decrease the size of the image easily and simply


If you wish to edit your image then first tap on the small image in the bottom

after that tap on your cutom image in the hoarding frame to simply edit the picture4-4

Select the tool you want in your image to create it more dynamic then ever before

Select the Shapes button,

to apply custom shapes in your image to make it more


Select the Fx button,

and apply superb quality filters to personalize your picture


Tap the Draw button,

and draw  a custom selection in the image you wish to crop in your image easily


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