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Simply add media files and generate a beautiful movie out of it is always pleasant to hear and this tool can do it for you.

Next Gen application for lovable videos and personalizing any video clip with dynamic designs and effects exposure. Effects videos also features some extraordinary tools in its toolbox which can be used into your videos and movies to edit.


  •  Artistic film presets to make your video more delightful
  •  Desirable features to control
  •  Smoothly rendered video after save on your touch device
  • Updated trim, edit and merge functions for anytime use on your windows device
  •  Instant save and share on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Smooth design and easy to use feature
  •  Video effects with various transitions
  •  Impressive video rendering for faster outputs
  • Integrated with amazing pack of filters
  •  Coordinated controls and exposure adjustments
  • Light and stable application

Generous application with powerful tools and functionality to make your videos look more attractive and adorable. Redesigned app experience with user friendly interface and adjustable controls for new users to easily edit video clips.
Now publish your custom videos on social sites or media online with a flick of your finger and directly share them with friends and family.

Please note that this application has some features which are paid (In App Purchase), you need to buy these features to use them.