How to use Effects Videos (Filters For Videos) UWP,

Follow the easy steps below,

Select the gallery option from the main screen,

to pick a custom video from your device gallery and you can also add unlimited videos at a time from the gallery using this application


Tap the camera button to open the live cam to capture real time videos

Select the trim button,

to trim your video easily by swiping the slider and set the initial start and end point for trimming your clip simply


Select the crop button from the toolbar in the bottom,

and the video will be automatically cropped in the preset ratio for cropping in the application


Select the Copy button,

to copy your current video clip from the device gallery and merge it with the same video clip easily


Select the Add effect option from the toolbox,

to adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, vignette and highlight levels easily by calibrating controls


Select the filter option,

to apply more than 12+ effects on your pleasant video clips and transform your clip into a sensational movie to watch


Tap on the save button, from the bottom toolbar

to save your clip and wait for the saving process to complete on your windows device while saving your videos

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