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This is the brightest flashlight app you will find on the store. Simple and easy to use interface is in built. With the most elegant design and fastest startup, it surely outruns real torch !

– Instant ON, fastest start time to help out.
– Intuitive and stunning UI design
– 4 beautiful themes are included
– Built in SOS Signal
– Elegant design
– Built in STROBE mode as well
– Shake to flash function available now
– Works for both Windows 8 and Windows 10 mobile
– Built in brightness control

Usefulness of Flashlight:
– Use it to open door in low light
– Find things in your wallet
– Read in the dark
– Usage during power outage
– Hiking or outdoors
– SOS during emergency
– Replace backyard light

We are always listening, so if you have any feedback, please share with us.

Please note: If you use flashlight continuously, it will shorten battery life.