How to use the GPS Maps Navigation,

Follow the easy steps below,

Select the option of your choice from the main screen for navigating easily to locate your device

And find yourself anywhere on the map using the application for getting directions while travelling easily


Select the GPS location option,

to locate yourself on the map and mark the point to save the location of any desirable point of your choice and using your own custom name editor in the application

click on the save location button and enter the location name

then tap the Add button to save your desired location


Select the Map Styles Button, from the bottom toolbar 

and choose from the variety of directional views of the maps by selecting from Satellite view, Aerial, Aerial with Roads and Terrain view for your maps

and change it according to your choice which seems to be more convenient while travelling on the road


Select the Search By address option,

to search the location by its country or city name using the search bar for searching online anywhere on the map

and you can also share your current location with family and friends with one-touch share online feature using the Share Button in the bottom toolbar


Select the Search By Coordinates option,

to search your location by entering the “X” and “Y” coordinates of the place on the text box on the top of the screen to locate your destination

Save your locations instantly using the save button from the bottom toolbar on your device simply for quick references and future access


Get detailed path routing and information on the map to navigate through multiple routes of the city

Select the Route Finder option,

and select the initial address and the destination address which you want to visit from your saved locations

and then click on the get directions button to get shortest route directions possible

Use from multiple directing routes such as Driving, Walk and Path directions from the toolbar on the top of the application

Select the save route button from the bottom toolbar

to directly save the current route for navigating on the map

Save the multiple locations for getting directions for various routes and navigation


And navigate through different routes with live instructions on your device


Select the Viewer tab,

to review your saved favourite locations on the maps and use the viewer’s corner to navigate through your stored locations easily


Select the Share Maps or Share Direction option, from the bottom toolbar

and share your saved locations on the device online via Facebook, E-mail, Twitter, Linked, etc. with one-touch access


For example,

Mark your familiar places which you visit very often or regularly like

Workplace for getting directions to reach your office on time,

Grocery shops for buying regular home based items and avoiding the crowded market and travelling through short route,

and Lifestyle stores for clothing and accessories , etc.

to find them easily on the maps without making much efforts for navigating to the place easily.  


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