Guide to use Insta Square Size Collage,

Let’s get started,


Click on the option your wish perform either from gallery or choose the collage option if you wish to create a collage

Select the Gallery option,

and select the image you wish to edit from the gallery itself by browsing the explorer

Click on the tools button,

and easily adjust the rotation of the image and set the image frame according to your requirement

Select the crop button,

to crop the image using free flow cropping tool, click on the crop windows button on the bottom bar

and drag the selection on the image you wish to make and to move the selection use the move crop window button and click on the clip pic otion to crop the image

Click on the blur option,

and adjust the blur level of the image easily using the slider in the bottom

Click on the text button,

and add the customisable text on the preview screen of the text of windows to express yourself better

Click on the Background button,

and select from various background images in the slider by tapping on them

Click on the stickers button,

and use the stickers and emoticons in the image to make your image more delightful

Select the filter button,

to apply effects in the foreground of the image by selecting the multiple tools such as warmth, frame, brightness, shadows, etc.

Click on the BG filter,

to apply effects in background of the image same as applied in the foreground image


Click on the Collage button,

and select from the three type of collage,

1. Fixed Collage

2. Re-sizable collage

3. Free form collage

select the option you wish to make in the collage

3 (8)

Select the fixed size collage option,

and Choose from the preloaded grid designs for upto 5 images in a single collage

Tap and hold the image on the grid in which you wish to apply custom effects


3 (9)

Select the Re-sizable collage option,

and select from the 2, 3, 4 and 5 photo collage according to your choice for creating

To make a custom design of the templates in the collage use your finger and tap on the border of the image and slide up or down to collapse the image or expand it in the grid and you can do the same thing for expanding in the left or right corners also

3 (6)

Select the free form collage option,

and insert up to 20+ images in the collage at a single time in the collage grid easily

very easy to arrange all the pictures in the same collage and resize them easily by pinching on your pictures and move them anywhere on the frame


By selecting the background button,

you can add multiple backgrounds in the collage by selecting from texture, color or gallery image option

and you can also attach custom text with your collage or add image in the collage

3 4 (2)

Click on the image and select the mask button,

to mask your picture in the free form collage

and select Draw tool and draw a selection on your image which you want to crop


either use the shapes button and select various patterns for cropping of the image

Click on the blur button, and easily adjust the blur level of the image by using the slider

Click on the opacity button, to adjust the opacity level of the image and use the slider for improving the image

Click on the FX button, and apply custom filters in the image and make them irresistible


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