How to use Karaoke Voice,

Follow the easy steps below,

Tap the start button for recording your melodious voice on your device


Select from the best of best songs from a variety of top charts listed in the karaoke view to sing along in your own clip

To choose a custom song, enter the name of the song in the search bar above to search them easily on windows device


After downloading the karaoke clip, select the start button from the bottom toolbar to start recording

Get the live lyrics while streaming video on screen for easily catching up with the song to make a chorus along with it

and capture your lovely voice in your own device

Click on play button, to play your recorded clip


Click on the Save button,

to save your complementary song remixed in your own voice to make them more sensational to listen


Feel the delightful experience like never before by discovering the true singer in you and become your own idol


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