Sing your heart out! And record your lovely voice with complementary songs to make your clip more dynamic and unforgettable.

With our melodious application make a long lasting impression using pack of music filters in your own voice. Productivity and creativity combined in a single application to make the best musical clips. Experience the fascinating musical app for electrifying your voice online and make your inner star shine.
Pick any track of your choice and make sensational music clips which are more desirable and rejuvenating than ever before.
Key Features:
• Sing, Record and Share easily on your device using the fun to use tools
• Light and stable application for touch device
• Special voice recognition tool for recording your true voice
• Inbuilt auto sound adjustments within the application
• Personalize your experience with preview
• Lyrics support from the live streaming of YouTube videos
• Live record and save options within the app
• Sing along with the song to make it more melody than before
• Song preview of recorded clip before saving on your device

Discover, explore, and share more music with Karaoke voice running on your windows device. Added with song customization via play, pause and stop buttons which will surely offer a great time singing with this app. Choose from the best of the best songs with real-time top charts and easily access your songs and sing them with your friends.

This app has IAP (In App Purchases), most of the features are free, but for other you need to buy.