Photo Blender updated with New UI and magical blend collage feature

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Cool new application for designing instant and magical photos with a single touch.


Photo blender allows you to merge two photos into a single frame for creating a magical blend effect. Very powerful and portable application for editing your personal photos.

Amazing transparent overlay feature to use in photo blender app for capturing best pictures of your loved ones.

Features of Photo Blender:

  1. Easy to use and pleasant UI.
  2. Fantastic filers for customizing your images.
  3. Easy to adjust blend levels.
  4. Instantly save and share photos on social networking.
  5. Multiple Backgrounds to choose from.
  6. New Blend Collage Feature – for creating dynamic and beautiful collages.

Introducing custom photo blend features which is equipped with extraordinary functions and can be used for blending any image of your choice. New highlight of this app is opacity control and crop image according to the ratios.

To provide a classy look to your images, the application also comes up with a pack of unique filters and photo enhancer tools. Premium services offer exclusive content like free hand cropping, custom cropping, shape cropping, and many more to discover.

For making your pictures come alive, the photo blender is the perfect application for creating lifetime memories.

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