How to use Photo Frame Editor Collage,

Follow easy step below,

Click on the Start button on the main screen,


Select the grid you want in your pictures by selecting from multiple grid designs

You can fix up to 3 images in a single collage grid.2

Tap the plus icon inside the collage to insert image in it.
Then click on the continue button in the bottom bar to continue with your images.3

4Click on the background button,

to apply custom backgrounds and use the slider to make add the custom background in your image.5


Click on the text button,

To add customisable text in your collages by organizing your photos in the frame7

Click on stickers button,

And add funny stickers to your collage by applying cool stickers to make it more interesting8

Click on the save button, on the toolbar to save your image easily

Right click on the image, and select zoom in or zoom out to increase or decrease the size of the image9

To share your image online, click on the share button on the bottom

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