Guide to use photo mixer photo collage,

Just follow the easy steps below,

Get started by,

Select a collage option which you want to add in your collage

Choose from Grid Collage or Free Form Collage Button,


Click on the grid collage button,

Then, choose the custom design grid of your choice to apply in your images up to 6 images in a single collagescreenshot_11162015_112105


And you can also pick custom shapes collages now

Click on the plus button, to add image in the collagescreenshot_11162015_112145

Apply or select a background you wish to add in your amazing collage by using the slider bar in the right cornerscreenshot_11162015_112204

Apply Custom Text, by selecting text button from the toolbar in the right and make more creative collages than ever beforescreenshot_11162015_112213

Click on the save button, to save your collage in your windows device

Click on the share button, to instantly share on the social media sites

Click on the free form collage option,

And organize your pictures according to your choice in the frame with contrast backgrounds

Select the multiple images you wish to make collage at a single time

And drag them anywhere on the frame by swiping your finger on it

Click on Save button, to save your images in HD quality

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