Guide to use PIP Camera Selfie Photo In Pic,

Let’s get started,

Select from the three option provided in the Main Screen option of your choice

1. Shape

2. PIP

3. Live Camera (to capture your Real Time Pictures)

4. Collage


Click on the shape button,

to apply wonderful shapes in your pleasant pictures and choose from a variety of shapes provided in the frames button


Select the background button,

and apply multiple background designs in your shape cropped image easily



Select the crop button,

from the toolbar and to crop you image in aspect ratios


Use the PIP option, to decorate your frame in picture in picture frame easily

Click on the Frames button,

and apply cool frames on your picture to create a cool pip variation in your images

6 7

Click on the collage button,

And choose from variety of grids for making a collage frame

After that, select the grid layout for your images according to your choice


you can also change the grid layout any time using the slider in the bottom while adding your selected images in your collage


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