How to use Reverse Video,

Follow the easy steps below,

Select the Gallery option,

from the main screen to pick the image of your choice from the device’s gallery and

develop a inversely funny video out of it


Select the Camera button,

to capture a live video from your camera easily to convert it into a reverse video


Merge two videos into a single one with dynamic transitions and effects to make it more rejuvnating and savvy then ever before

Select from multiple options like

  • Reverse + Original ( Editor will auto merge your reverse video with current video )
  • Original + Reverse ( Editor will auto merge your original video with reverse video )
  • Reverse (No merging and joining options for the videos)


Use the slider in the bottom,

to adjust the start and end interval of the video by trimming the video for 10 seconds using the phone and 20 seconds for the windows to convert it into a reverse video


Select the desirable option of your choice to convert video into Reverse+Original, Original+Reverse and Reverse video

And wait for the video to be converted for few minutes and save it on a custom location in your device


Select the background music option in the editor,

for adding a background music in your reverse video


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