Snappy Photo Filters & Stickers Insta

Latest ‘Snappy Photo Filters & Stickers’ app helps you to click the ideal photo with ample of stickers, customized text, insta square size movable image, and blurred image background.

Snappy Photo Filters & Stickers Insta

Start with selecting/clicking picture, apply transformation on image to make background blurred image visible, select stickers categorized with 19 distinct categories, add text by choosing font color & font style, also zoom, rotate, scale the stickers and texts added on image.

Following are the attributes:-

1. Gallery/Camera option – Pick a image from gallery/pictures or click an instant photo (front/back camera)
2. Zoom in/out and move image by pinching/right click  on image
3. Add Stickers – 300+ stickers categorized in 19 distinct categories. Zoom, rotate and translate over image.
4. Add Text – Customized text, 44000+ font color options and 10+font styles. Zoom, rotate and translate over image.
5. Save and Share – Save the image as Jpeg file and share it with your friends and family to enjoy instant snap moments.

Download, install and enjoy clicking snap photos…!

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