InstaBeauty Selfies

A ‘selfie‘ is a trendy term that refers to self-portrait photos taken with the camera held at arm’s length, as opposed to those taken using the back camera. The selfie not only captures an image of yourself but also conveys your personal narrative.

Capture Photo

Capture photos using the camera feature in our application, and seamlessly proceed to edit and create stunning, aesthetic images of yourself in no time. Elevate your photo-editing experience by using our application and craft beautiful, personalized photos effortlessly.

Edit Photo

The app not only offers essential editing tools but also provides a range of advanced features to fine-tune brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, and more. Enhance your photos with filters and overlays, creating a truly phenomenal look. Add a touch of fun and creativity with lively stickers. Seamlessly stitch together your cherished memories in just a few taps and immortalize them with beautiful frames, making your pictures everlasting.

Art Effect

Lack the time or patience to experiment with filters and fine-tune every detail? Want to enhance the subtle elements that make a big difference? Don’t worry, our application includes a professional ‘Art Effect.’ This feature opens up a world of vibrant and colorful possibilities for your pictures, offering multiple options to effortlessly achieve the perfect look.

My Album

Locating your finished or unfinished work buried in various laptop files can be a hassle. To streamline your experience and save effort and energy, Insta Beauty Selfies introduces the ‘My Album’ feature. This feature conveniently keeps all your work in one place, allowing you to view it with just one tap!