Wall Graffiti

Instantly transform your photos into wall graffiti with this app, tailor-made for graffiti lovers. Immerse yourself in the authentic experience of creating graffiti on a wall in just seconds. Unleash your artistic side and bring your photos to life with the art of graffiti!

Guide to Use Wall Graffiti:

Transform your photos into vibrant wall graffiti in seconds with this app, designed especially for graffiti enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the genuine experience of creating graffiti on an actual wall.

Key Features:

  1. Stickers and Texts:

    • Paste exclusive stickers and texts to enhance your graffiti with stylish font styles, making it more attractive.
  2. Lumia Effects:

    • Choose from 20+ Lumia effects to add a unique touch to your graffiti.
  3. Customization Options:

    • Zoom in/out, rotate, scale, translate position, and delete stickers and texts.

App Functions:

  • Convert your picture/selfie into wall graffiti.
  • Save photos to your library.
  • Share with friends and family.
  • Share directly to Facebook.

Creative Options:

  • 35 different graffiti styles.
  • Add up to 15 exclusive wall stickers.
  • Include one or more custom texts with graffiti-style font.
  • Rotate and flip with tool options.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, light, color, and blueness with filter options.
  • Save graffiti as a JPEG file.
  • Share your masterpiece with the share button.

No Time or Internet Needed: Transform your photo into a creative art piece painted on a wall without any time constraints or the need for an internet connection. It’s great fun!

Getting Started: Click on the Start Button and let your creativity flow!

  • Explore numerous available walls, choose one that suits your style, and click on it.
  •  Select a photo from your files by clicking to open or use the camera to capture a new photo.

How to Use Wall Graffiti Tools:

  • Choose Wall Design:

    • Click on Wall Graffiti, explore various designs, and choose the one that suits your preference.
  • Rotate Image:

    • Click on ‘Tool’ to rotate the image left, right, horizontal, or vertical.
  • Adjust Photo:

    • Click on ‘Adjust’ to fine-tune photo settings like brightness, contrast, temperature, etc.
  • Apply Filters:

    • Click on ‘Filter’ to explore and apply various photo filters.
  • Add Text and Stickers:

    • Apply text and stickers to your Wall Graffiti Photo.
  • Save Your Creation:

    • Click on the save button.

Done! Share and Enjoy: Your creatively edited photo is now ready to be shared. Click ‘Save’ and enjoy the unique Wall Graffiti creation!