Sticker Photo Editor

Trim and arrange your video clips with unique media editing tool
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Guide to use Sticker Photo Editor :

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

● Sticker
● Collage

● Edit

choose Photo From your Gallery and click to open:

You can Crop photo in giving Crapping ration or manual size use mouse : And click on Crop Button...
1. How to make photo using Stickers ...

● Click on Stickers and choose Photo ..
● Crop Your photo from given ratio or manual using mouse. 

● Click on Stickers and choose sticker wide range of Stickers available and click on text and write text and apply.

● Click on filters and apply awesome filters.

● Click on PIP and choose PIP frame lot’s of PIP frame available and click on check button.

● Click on mirror and apply mirror effects..

● Click on Adjust and adjust photo using tools.

● flip or rotate photo and click on doodle to color pen or save photo.

Done !

How to make collage photo : Click on Collage and select number of photos and select photos from gallery.
Use tools for flip & rotate collage frame...
How to make PIP Photos :

● click on PIP and Select Photo from Gallery.
● Choose PIP Frame.

● Lot’s of Photo filters apply amazing photo filters. 

● Click on check button and save photo

Done !

How to use edit option :

● click on Edit and Select Photo from Gallery.
● Crop photo.

● Lot’s of Tools for Editing edit photo. save photo or continue edit…

● In Continue you have more option to edit photo.

Done ! save and make more photos