PIP Camera Selfie Photo In Pic

If you are looking for a phenomenal Selfie camera app, then your search ends here. We present you with the all new PIP Camera Selfie Photo in Pic app to get stunning effects on your pictures divided into different shades.


Got great lighting at the office but not a good front camera to capture the moment? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our brilliant selfie filters. Apply one of the many attractive filters and click as many selfies as you like. This feature allows you to take photos on the spot with your device’s camera with lovely filters if you don’t want to go ahead with a pre-saved photo. It is the first option as soon as you launch the app for everyone who needs instant pics everyday at home, work, outdoors etc.


Choose any image from your personal library and apply various filters, frames, stickers, effects etc. Flip, rotate or adjust as per your wish and make your pictures look all the more attractive and eye catching. A simple picture can turn into a gallery worthy canvas if edited properly with the right tools. The app lets you crop out whatever you don’t like about the picture and then introduce new, more attractive ideas to your canvas thus making your picture so much more cutting-edge.