Photo & Shapes Collage Maker

Create stunning and unique images by Shape Collage and Frame Collage
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Guide to use Photo & Shapes Collage Maker :

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform eg:
  • Collage
  • PIP
  • Click on collage button.
  • Choose Photo Template Lot’s of template to make beautiful collage.
  • Click on + icon to add image.
  • Awesome background to choose.
  • Wide range of Background available to choose & apply
  • click on Adjustment button and set border size.
  • set corner radius of collage photo.
  • Click on flip/ Rotate button and rotate selected photo.
  • flip photo horizontal and vertical.
  • Click on effect button and choose awesome filter effect button.
  • click on filter effect and apply awesome effect on collage photo.
  • Click on Edit button and edit collage with more tools.
  • Click on effect button and apply filter effect on collage.
  • click on stickers button and apply awesome and cool stickers on collage.
  • Set Stickers on collage and apply more stickers.
  • Click on text button and write text and style your text and set on collage photo.
  • Add Awesome taglines on your collage photo and create awesome collage photo.
  • Click on overlay button and choose lot’s of awesome overlay effect.
  • choose overlay and click on overlay effect to apply effect on collage photo.
  • Click on Add image button and choose image from your file. set image in collage.
  • Click on Draw button and apply draw effect on collage.
  • lot’s of draw to apply on collage photo.
  • Choose color of draw shape.
  • Click on mask button and apply mask effect on collage.
  • Lot’s of Amazing mask effect to apply click over effect to apply.
  • click on shape mask and apply shape mask effect on collage.
  • Amazing shape of mask to apply click on shape mask and apply awesome collage.
  • Click on draw button and draw lot’s of awesome stickers on collage.
  • lot’s of awesome draw stickers just select and draw on your photo.
  • Click on save button to save your collage in your gallery.
  • Click on PIP and choose photo from gallery.
  • After choose photo set ratio and crop your photo.
  • Click on PIP button there is lot’s of awesome pip effect.
  • Click on PIP Style and set your photo in PIP frame.
  • Click on Effect button and apply awesome filter effect on pip photo.
  • Choose filter effect and click over it to apply effect on photo.
  • Click on stickers button and choose sticker and set stickers on photo.
  • Click on text button and write your text and choose text style and color or set your text on photo.
  • Awesome border  to choose.
  • Click on border button and choose border frame and click over the border frame to apply.
  • Click on save button to save photo in your gallery.