Slow Motion Video Pro

With Slow Motion Video Maker you can record / play videos and then play it back in slow motion. You can choose the speed of your playback.

Guide to use Video Rotate Flip Video :

Video Rotator helps you to rotate a video in all angles like 90degrees,180degrees, 270degrees, 360degrees. You can rotate according to your own customization like 25 degree, 50 degrees or any angle. Also you flip the video horizontally and vertically.

Easily upload your rotated videos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

Let’s get started : Click on Start rotate Button and select Video from Your Gallery..
  • Click on rotate video button and choose video from your media file.
  • You can rotate 90, 180, 270, 360 and 0.
  • Apply slide  3D frame effect and 3D Glass effect on vidoe.
  • Set blur amount of background.
  • There is lot’s of effect tolls to apply on video.
  • apply awesome filter effect click on effect and set according to you.
  • there is lot’s of background pattern  click on it and apply on your video.
  • After edit click on save button and save your video.