Video Photo SlideShow

Now you can make stunning Video Slideshow from your images.Easily share these videos with friends and family.
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Guide to use Video Photo SlideShow :

Let’s get started :
Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

● Edit Video
● Trim Video
● Slide Show

How To Select Video Or Images From File :

● Click on the button which you wish to perform 

● Top Right button of file click on it and choose Video or Images 

How to Edit Video :

● Click on the Edit video button.
● Choose video and Click to open.

● Trim ( Cut) Video.

● Top right continue Button Click on it after Trim Video.

● Lot’s of video edit tool like : Effect , Music ( You can add Your Music From Your File), Strikers, Text.

● Edit Video And Click on Save  Button and  Share or Enjoy.

Done !

How to Trim Video :

● Click on Trim Video.
● Choose video and Click to open.

● Use Mouse and Trim Your Video and Save it.

Done !

How to Slide Show :

● Click on Slide Show Button.
● Choose Multiple Images and Click to open.

● Slide show Tools click on tool to use it.

● Change sliding style on click Transition and choose style.

 ● Click on Music Choose Music or add music form file.

● Click on Save Button

Done !