Photo Blender Camera

Blend any 2 of your photos into a single photo to create a fantastical magical
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Guide to use Photo Blender Camera :

Let’s get started :

● Click on the button which you wish to perform e.g.

  • Camera : Click Photo and use.
  • Gallery : Choose From File.
  • Blend Collage : Make Blend Collage
How to Select Photo :

● Click on Photo Background and select Background Image
● Click on Photo Foreground and select Photo. 
● Click on Blend…

How to use Photo Blender tools

● Click on Setting Button and Rotate photo right,left,vertical,horizontal,sink inside or full photo. 
● Click on Background and choose background.

● Apply different – different filters on click filter button .

● Click on Light Button and select light effect on photo.

● Click on Frame and select Frame

● Apply Text and Stickers 

Click on Save Button… Done !

How to Make Blend Collage :

● Click on Blender collage button.
● Select collage style.

● Click on the + Plus Button.

● Use step of How to use Blender Tools it step are given …

 ● Use same steps to make Collage.

● Click on Save Button .

Done ! Easily Save & share Your blender photo Collages.

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