Video Collage Maker Studio

Select videos to create a beautiful short video collage or grid of videos.
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Guide to useVideo Collage Maker Studio :

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

● 2 video : video collage of 2 video
● 3 video : video collage of 3 video
● 4 video : video collage of 4 video

Select Videos Which option you choose.

Video Trimming...

● click on Trim button and make equal size of all images
● Click on Video and using mouse to cut video.
● click on yes button…

Choose collage frame Style for video just click on collage and choose.
Click on Background and choose background lot's of background.
Click on Music select or choose form file and apply music :-
Click on Save Button and share videos . DONE !