Screen & Video Recorder

Discover the power of Screen Recorder & Video Recorder, an excellent tool crafted for Windows users! Capture your computer desktop operations, thrilling gaming moments, online courses, and much more with this versatile screen recording tool. Unleash your creativity and record your screen effortlessly!

Introducing Screen Recorder & Video Recorder, an exceptional tool tailored for Windows users. This versatile screen recording app empowers you to capture every detail of your computer desktop operations, gaming adventures, online courses, and more.

Key Features:

  • Full-screen recording
  • Customize software window recording
  • Custom Area Recording for enhanced privacy

Additional Features:

  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Capture with region dragging
  • Screen recording in GIF format
  • Auto Capture
  • Fully functional image editor with a screen color picker
  • Image combiner and splitter
  • Image thumbnail feature
  • Video converter
  • Video Thumbnail creation
  • Clipboard viewer
  • Hotkeys creator – customize your own hotkeys

How to Use Screen & Video Recorder: Step 1: Launch the Screen Recorder & Video Recorder application on your device and dive into the world of seamless recording.

Click on the ‘Screen Recorder & Video Recorder’ button to kickstart your screen recording journey. Experience the best in recording technology – download now and unlock a plethora of features for your recording needs!

Step 2:- Capture Your Screen

Click on the capturing icon to start recording your screen. This powerful feature allows you to record video streams, webinars, and video calls with ease.

Step 3: Adjust Settings

Fine-tune your recording by adjusting video quality, choosing preferred video formats, and setting frames to match your preferences.

Step 4:-  Apply Filters

Enhance your captured screen image by clicking on the Filters button. Easily apply blur effects to add a touch of creativity to your recording.

Step 5: Configure Settings

Fine-tune your recording experience by configuring the FFmpeg path and video source through the app’s settings.

Step 6:-  Fine-Tune Your Image

Explore advanced settings such as adjusting brightness and contrast for your captured image. Additionally, get creative by drawing, applying filters, cropping images on both sides, and more. Customize your recording to perfection!

Step 7:- Add Text Creatively

Click on the Text button to add text to your image. Unleash your creativity by customizing text font, size, color, and more with flexible features. Make your screen recording uniquely yours!

Step 8:- Save and Share

Click the Save button to preserve your captured image, and effortlessly share it with others. Enjoy sharing your creations!